SCORPEO Value Analysis™

Calculates the missed value across portfolios


There are over 1 million corporate actions every year and many of these require investment managers to make an election, for example: scrip dividends offering cash or stock, rights issues, tenders or stock buy backs. Election decisions can have significant economic impact on fund performance but making the optimal decision every time is not easy. There is complex documentation to read and a massive amount of processing involved in making these decisions within the required deadlines, and sometimes other variables like foreign exchange, domicile and regulation make it even more complicated.

SCORPEO provides the following services to help capture the billions of dollars being missed
every year across the industry due to economically sub-optimal elections. 

SCORPEO Value Capture Programme™

Our solution captures the missed value in corporate action elections. Powered by SCORPEO Harmonia™ technology, it is a unique service that catches sub-optimal corporate action elections and optimises the intrinsic economic value for investors.


There are approximately two million corporate actions a year and over a hundred different types, and they are increasing in volume and complexity. For investment managers to make economically optimal elections and optimise the value within the strict deadlines is not easy. It takes time, resources, expertise and also the relevant investment mandate to capture the value.

The SCORPEO VALUE CAPTURE PROGRAMME™ is a technology platform that acts as a safety net for managers by ensuring that any sub-optimal elections are caught and optimised. The optimal election and additional value satisfy fiduciary requirements, increase fund returns and ultimately deliver value back to investors.


SCORPEO VALUE CAPTURE PROGRAMME™ technology is portable and scalable. It can be used by investment managers, asset owners (such as pension funds and sovereign wealth funds) and custody banks.

SCORPEO Value Analysis™

Calculate the missed value across portfolios as a result of sub-optimal corporate action elections. Multiple data sources and company information feed SCORPEO Harmonia™ technology to generate detailed reports showing investors exactly how much value has been missed.

It helps asset managers analyse their portfolios in terms of performance and how well they are electing for their funds, and it enables asset owners such as pension funds to see where fund returns can be increased for scheme beneficiaries. This is ever more vital as costs, performance and fiduciary responsibilities come under the spotlight.

SCORPEO Analytics™

We provide analysis on complex corporate events, helping our clients eliminate the opportunity cost of missing value and creating investment opportunities for asset managers.
For many investment managers, complex corporate actions can be a real headache. Corporate actions continue to develop in type and complexity, with many having multiple election choices.

Our analysts are focused on understanding the mechanics and every connotation to assess the impact of corporate action events and help our clients obtain the optimal outcome. From the simplest binary decisions to the most complex with multiple outcomes, our analysts will share their insights and expertise, producing bespoke analysis and regular updates.

SCORPEO Harmonia™

The SCORPEO Harmonia™ platform delivers fully automated corporate action value extraction for our clients. Core features of our platform provides: event notification, validation, processing, workflow and risk controls with interfaces to multiple data sources. SCORPEO Harmonia™ utilises the latest HTML5 and Microsoft technology for Cloud deployment as a SaaS service or installed in-house. The platform is fully scaleable as an outsource service removing the need for system development or operational process change.


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