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Value Capture Programme™ Platform

SCORPEO Value Capture Programme™


Captures the missed value in corporate action elections. Powered by SCORPEO Harmonia™ technology, it is a unique service that catches sub-optimal corporate action elections and optimises the intrinsic economic value for investors.

There are approximately one million corporate actions a year and over a hundred different types, and they are increasing in volume and complexity. For investment managers to make economically optimal elections and optimise the value within the strict deadlines is not easy. It takes time, resources, expertise and also the relevant investment mandate to capture the value.


SCORPEO Value Analysis™ Summary Report

The SCORPEO VALUE CAPTURE PROGRAMME™ is a technology platform that acts as a safety net for managers by ensuring that any sub-optimal elections are caught and optimised. The optimal election and additional value satisfy fiduciary requirements, increase fund returns and ultimately deliver value back to investors.


SCORPEO VALUE CAPTURE PROGRAMME™ technology is portable and scalable. It can be used by investment managers, asset owners (such as pension funds and sovereign wealth funds) and custody banks.


The SCORPEO Value Capture Programme™ has been developed as browser-based technology for easy and seamless installation by:

  • Investment Managers
  • Investment Operations Outsourced providers
  • Global Custodians


SCORPEO VALUE ANALYSIS™ has demonstrated that investors can capture $ millions of missed value every year.  Increased performance becomes a differentiator, adding to fund performance and investor returns.


Helps asset managers / pension trustees meet their fiduciary obligations by preventing sub-optimal elections, which may disadvantage investors.


SCORPEO is experienced in capturing value across corporate actions on a global basis (modules cover Scrip dividends, Rights Issues, Tenders, Buy-backs, Fixed Income)

“As investment managers we want to identify any areas where value is being missed and maximise returns for our investors. We are always looking for solutions to reduce costs and enhance performance without disrupting our core investment management activity. A technology solution that runs in the background to highlight any sub-optimal corporate action elections and capture the additional value is a compelling proposition”


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