SCORPEO launches Value Analysis™ ‘App’ for Pension Funds and Investment Managers

SCORPEO Value Analysis™ identified over $600m of missed opportunities in UK scrip dividend elections alone last year

Edinburgh – Wednesday 8 March 2017

SCORPEO, the financial technology company and leading provider for capturing value from corporate actions, is today launching its Value Analysis™ web-based application for pension funds and investment managers at the PLSA Investment Conference in Edinburgh. SCORPEO is taking part in the Innovation Zone at the conference.

SCORPEO’s analysis highlights the intrinsic value available in investment portfolios. “Pension funds are looking for cost savings and incremental performance gains across the value chain, and SCORPEO Value Analysis™ demonstrates how value is often missed through the corporate action election process.” says Chris Barrow, Head of Business Development, SCORPEO.

“With over $600M missed in UK scrip dividend elections last year, we have seen growing demand from clients who want to identify performance gains,” comments Mark Proffitt, Head of Marketing, SCORPEO. “The launch of our web application makes the data analysis easily accessible for clients, who can now login and download reports to see where value has been missed.”

“SCORPEO is developing a growing reputation as a service provider with compelling products to help tackle the missed value that can arise in corporate action elections” adds Matt Ruoss, CEO, SCORPEO. “This has become a high profile issue for beneficial owners, investment managers and custodians, and SCORPEO can deliver something of real value to investors.

“Pension funds and investment managers all have mandates to maximise returns for beneficiaries. SCORPEO helps them achieve this by adding significant revenues, whilst providing full transparency throughout the process.  Eliminating sub-optimal decisions has become essential for investment managers in terms of aligning fiduciary responsibilities and performance, so that investors are not disadvantaged.”

SCORPEO specialises in identifying and capturing the value embedded in Corporate Actions through market leading expertise and technology. SCORPEO provides services for global investors to help reduce the billions of dollars of value being missed across the industry every year. With over one million corporate actions occurring annually – many of which require an election – making the optimal decision and capturing the full economic value is not easy. SCORPEO’s unique technology provides the solution to improve fund performance and drive investor returns. For more information please visit:

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