SCORPEO Corporate Actions TCA™

A new and vital report for asset managers, pension funds
and their service providers to add transparency and drive
better outcomes for investors

SCORPEO Corporate Actions TCA™


SCORPEO Corporate Actions TCA™ reports show missed value on both live and historical scrip dividend events across global markets.


Data is sourced globally from multiple venues, including stock exchange announcements and corporate issuers. SCORPEO’s core engine analyses client position and election data to generate reports that offer valuable insight into the election process and the performance impact for investors.

Corporate Actions TCA™ product information


SCORPEO Corporate Actions TCA™ Dashboard

An industry first TCA offering clients detailed reporting on corporate actions value – essential for transparency and driving investor returns.


Key metrics showing total missed value across all funds, performance available by fund and percentage of sub-optimal elections.


Regulators continue to demand greater transparency and cost disclosure to ensure investment managers act in the best interests of their clients.

• MiFID II requires Investment Managers to report certain corporate action decisions from January 2018.
• Corporate action elections are under the spotlight and investors can review these decisions for the first time.
• It is no longer acceptable to ignore corporate action elections, take the default or apply the same election every time.
• SCORPEO Corporate Actions TCA™ helps investment managers improve practices and make informed decisions.


There are over 1 million corporate actions a year, many of which require asset managers to make investment decisions. Analysing the details of the corporate action and transmitting the elections within the strict deadlines is a huge processing function. This results in economically sub-optimal decisions which results in important value being missed to the fund.

Over $1 billion in missed value every year for investors. Significant additional value is missed in other corporate actions, including rights issues, tenders, buy-backs etc.


In consultation with our clients, we have developed highly detailed reports at a security, portfolio and firm level to highlight optimal and sub-optimal elections. This analysis provides complete transparency and important metrics to help managers understand the issue and seek solutions to achieve better outcomes for investors.


An industry first, offering clients detailed reporting on corporate actions value.

Easy set up via flexible connectivity and supported by extensive data and robust technology. Accessed via URL and backed by Microsoft Azure, these reports are a vital addition to TCA, bringing transparency and driving investor returns.

“We are pleased to collaborate with SCORPEO to create this innovative reporting solution. It addresses our clients’ demands for greater transparency and clarity around their investments, giving them the tools to help drive better business results and capture greater value”


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